Elisas Website

elisa-with-her-german-shepherdsOur patient Elisa Wanhurt from 2006, created a website back in 2008: calling it the “vonhaus wisenbaker kennel”.

She now travles between Germany and the United States three to six times a week and really enjoys what shoe does!

She serves as a perfect example of what someone can become if they really put their mind to it. Elisa was helpless, and felt as though the world was owed to her. After almost half a year of treatment, we were able to help her create an idea for a business and fill the desire she had been longing for her entire life.

After a few sessions, elisa made it very clear that all she wanted in life was to be loved (something every human longs for).

We talked about some of her fondest memories of growing up and how it had influenced the life she now lives. She recalled having a German Shepherd named Maxamillion and she remembered that that, was the most precious thing on earth to her.

Spinning off of that idea, we had multiple sessions with her and even helped her get her first batch of pups.

She had a very hard time selling them and getting her business off the ground. Feeling sorry for her, almost every staff member (at the time) bought a german shepherd puppy.

Yes, we truly believe in what we set our clients to achieve!

To this day, almost every one of those 6 puppies are alive and in great health!

Here is a video of her staff training Valor back in 2014:

She has now been able to grow her business beyond what she even thought possible.

Elisa now provides over 60 families a year with a German Shepherd and has done so for the last 4 years!
Quite an astonishing story, so we decided to share it with our readers!

If you are looking for a place to fully develop your ideas, or have some form of mental illness.

Come visit us in Putnam!

We look forward to seeing you!

What is wrong with our System?

Every day I drive my car to work, I turn on the radio to hear some tunes, and often times to just take some time to think. It is an interesting thing, music. It can make you feel certain ways, and help promote a cause. A cause the singers most the time do not even know they are promoting because they are so deep into it.
Some people can be so deep into something and not een know they are promoting it, whilst being right in tre samck dab middle fo it

Homeless HelpI am headed to another day of work, and do not find myself deep into much except for every day junk. I must reform my mindset and surround myself with the greats.

Now, I have gotten to my job, and two homeless people are standing outside, what seemed to be like they were waiting for me. Begging for money, I believe if they had the money or finds, I could help their helpless sould with the uidea that is plaiging their mush known as their brain that I owe them anything at all.

A majority of homeless people have mental illnesses. If I were to take a complete guess, I would guess that over 60% have a serious mental illness and the remaining 40% are just incredibly misfortunate.

An interesting something I heard through the grape vine is that Buddy’s BBQ is now offering homeless people food in return for their cleaning of the dishes.

It is an interesting deal to say the least, and if I were to choose my patients, I would start my look there.

On the other hand, if I were looking for somewhere to eat, buddy’s had now dropped three or four slots on my chart. If I were to ever go there, I would take a whirl around the restaurant and be sure that there were no baths or showers going on with the dishwater.


What Leads to Mental Illness?

What Leads to Mental Illness?

Much of mental illness has not been chosen and can not have any real answer as to of “why” it happened.

The leading factor to over 30% of patients at our facility have been self inflicted. What do I mean by self inflicted? Let me explain.

Out of our 2oo and sum patients, over 70 of them have made the choice to be where they are. Consciously or sub-consciously, they have had ideas, that when not accomplished, have driven them mad. Some to the point of insanity.

I have met with that group on multiple occasions going over “What was the biggest factor that lead to it”, but each patient is different. Some have been driven to the point of insanity just by the way they look.

An example of which is Cindy. She had lived under the impression that she was to be and look a certain way at all times. Her only way of feeling important. She lived under this pressure and at one point in time, she broke.

She hadn’t an idea of how to fix whatever it was that was wrong, but she knew something was. She came to Dr. Leir under precepts that he would help her find what was truly wrong with her. Dr. Leir spent 2 weeks accessing her and helping her understand what had lead to this “breakdown”.

After much stipulation and questioning, cindy was beginning to see what her problem was. She had thought for years, that people were trying to impose their will on her, but it was she herself that was making the choice to follow.

She decided 3 years ago that she needed to find the real purpose in her life. She had been working as an assistant for 12 years of her life, and now knew that was not her calling. She found and read articles about how to make a blog, of which she seemed very interested in.

She now has a fashion & beauty blog along with a youtube channel.

Here is one of her videos:

Her biggest article written thus far is middle aged women wrinkle creams.

She is now living a very happy life and is thrilled that she has been able to find her “purpose”.

She helps women higher their self esteem by looking better and being conscious of the way they look. If you would like to subscribe to her youtube channel, just click on the video above and click on a red button that says “subscribe”


What Is MHP all about?

Mental Health Professionals Putnam City is all about serving people with sever mental illnesses and things that lead to that.
Our biggest objective is to find what it is that leads people to make the decisions they do, and help them realize the decisions they make. Often times, it is small things that lead people to being “crazy”. One of our patients we have beeen able to help had a story that went like this:
Ever since she was 11 years old, she knew that she wanted to have a happy family and have 3 children. Why? Only for the reason we all seek goals, for happiness.
From when she was 11 years old until this day, she has been after the goal of fulfilling her own happiness. How? By achieving the goals she thought would bring happiness.
MeliahNow to the root, the only reason we have had to see her is because she had collapsed under the idea that she had to achieve this goal by the time she was 30. On her 30th birthday she had a meltdown and what is commonly noticed as a “mid-life” crisis. We were able to see her 3 days after her birthday and went deep into what here idea of a perfect life would be and why she was so upset.

She explained her reasons and we listened to her reasonings.  After an hour and a half session, we scheduled another a week after. Leaving, she said she felt MUCH better after being able to explain her problem to somebody and thanked us repeatedly for listening.

(And perhaps that is all she really needed, someone to talk to and explain her problems to)

The next week, we saw Meliah again and Dr. Truett had a second session with her. They came back on where they left off and how her family had been broken up and one of the biggest goals in life, for her, was to achieve a happy family. She talked about what she thought to be a happy family, and how her husband was not interested in anything dealing with that.

Unfortunately after a year of marriage her first husband left her and she had never remarried. She now stays at a facility out in Oklahoma and insists everyone calls her “Majesty Meliah”.

We have a session with her every week and believe we are making great progress! We can see her thoughts changing, and thinking through actions she is taking.

Our last session, we uncovered a very sobering thought, how Meliah felt. We put ourselves in Meliah’s shoes and can see where she is coming form.

Working in a business like this, you must have two things.

  1. Thick Skin
  2. Be able to understand people

As Abraham Lincoln said pertaining to this subject:

“Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.”

So I constantly find myself seeing it from patients point of view and can see where they are coming from. A lack of attention to goals can lead to a very sad personality. Being able to have hope is one of the greatest privileges we have.